Interior Design at The Door And Floor Centre

At The Door And Floor Centre our business is not just about hanging doors or laying down floors – it’s about creating dream homes. To help you realise that dream we have partnered up with renowned interior designer, Ineke Owens. A previous winner on RTE’s “Showhouse” television series, and listed in House & Home Magazine as one of Ireland’s best designers, Ineke has joined the team here at The Door And Floor Centre to do interior design consultations for those customers who are serious about taking their home to the next level.

The Benefits of using an Interior Designer:
  • A new house with white walls is like having a blank canvas and with hundreds of paint colours to choose from – it can be hard to decide with which one to go for. An interior designer, however, can very quickly advise (depending on the size and style of the room) as to what colours will work and what won’t. e.g. – a dark floor and dark coloured walls will make any room appear smaller; equally a dark floor with light coloured walls can make a room appear larger.
  • Different rooms require different colour schemes. For a bedroom an interior designer can advise on specific colours that enhance relaxation, like blues and greys or for a home office, you will be steered towards yellows and greens to promote productivity.
  • There’s certain bravery involved when picking paint colour because once it’s on you either learn to love it or you change it. An interior designer doesn’t need to be brave; they instinctively know what works and what doesn’t. In fact they often change people’s preconceived notions about certain colours resulting in you choosing a colour you would have previously never dreamed putting on your walls.
  • If you have a suite of furniture or a fireplace you would like to be the focal point of the room an interior designer will know how to complement it with the right contrasting colours.
  • Interior designers listen to clients encourage and build on ideas they already have. After all, it’s going to be the client’s living space so it’s important that they create an overall look that they will love. If a client doesn’t already have ideas they can go on Pinterest and find lots of tips and examples of beautifully designed rooms. From that an interior designer can get a good grasp and feel of what the client is about and what their ideal home should look like.
For further information about availing of this service, please email us at or call us on 046 902 3878